Abstract / From There to Here

This body of work is representative of a major transition in my life. I’ve moved back to Canada after living in Holland, Denmark, Malta and Texas for the past 25 years; from there to here. The move has shaped my work and I’ve intuitively painted the inner essence of the experience. Years ago I painted realistically. Over time my interests and style evolved; from there to here.
I like to work with mixed media, adding and subtracting lines, shapes, textures and colours to form a complex underpainting. I then reduce and simplify the painting. I do not preconceive the painting before I begin.



Shadow Series


Vessel Series 2000

The first painting I did in what I refer to as my “Vessel” series was inspired by a boat like shape which came to mind in a flash. Since then I have explored the vessel shape but do not preplan the paintings, preferring to draw upon that which comes from beyond conscious thought, letting the moment direct me. I enjoy the surprise of each new creation. Figuratively, a vessel is a person regarded as a container of some quality or made for some purpose. We are all vessels in the journey of life. In general, the vessel series represents my quest for the truth about life, time and spirit, a never ending quest.

02030405ArrivalLittle OneThree Graces

Return To Being 2006

In creating these works I am not attempting to represent conventional images but rather a beauty which values inward significance and connects us to our human condition biologically, emotionally and spiritually. My hope is that some expression, gesture or feeling generated by these figures will stimulate a sense of recognition regarding some positive aspect of ourselves; a part of us which longs to feel the laughter in our hearts and enjoys the contentment found when you return to being.

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